What’s this project?

BuyTribe is a project born from the desire to provide everyone an effective tool that allows people to aggregate into purchasing groups in an easy, fast and safe way.

What is the mission?

The project is inspired by deep, moral and ethic principles including: respect for the environment, sustainability, equality and solidarity.
The aim is to radically change the economic paradigm, allowing the buyers to exercise thei
purchasing power by establishing independently where to direct their interests.

In which way?

The goal is to innovate the on-line and off-line purchasing experience activating a gradual change in the traditional trade model. An equal-opportunity competition between SME and bigger companies will take place.
As a consequence they will be induced to adjust their production to the real consumers’ needs. This change will produce a widespread well-being for all the stakeholders.


In accordance with its ethic and independent identity, BuyTribe doesn’t receive money from third parties but it entirely finances itself from crowdfunding campaigns.