Fazz Club in a few words!

This is the soul of Fazz Club, born as a no-profit association: a container of new ideas.


We achieved models of purchasing groups aimed to force a sort of ethic, sustainable and fair trade. We think that the increase of ethic, sustainable and fair purchasing groups, mutually connected, might contribute to creating a collective awareness, able to regenerate the whole social fabric.


We have always organized innovative and original Cultural Events. In our opinion, to promote Culture means to make knowledge and innovation accessible to everyone. Culture improves our lifestyle and induces well-being.


Every project produced and created by Fazz Club must be subject to innovation, originality, culture and sustainability constraints. The Association’s Creative Factory goes well thanks to the collaboration with experts in the field and university students, who serve their internship with us.

We STRONGLY believe that a different world IS POSSIBLE!


Our Experience

Tons of CO2 saved
Events Organized
Euro saved

“Medaglie di Rappresentanza” received from the President of the Italian Republic

“Medaglia di Rappresentanza” is a recognition of the Italian Republic given to deserving initiatives and projects towards the community. Fazz Club was awarded three “Medaglie di Rappresentanza” of the President of the Italian Republic in 2007, 2008 and 2009. This award is for us a source of pride and proves once again our social commitment.

The idea behind Fazz Club

Ethics and sustainability first!

Fazz Club was born in 2003 thanks to an idea by Rodrigo Vacchi. The word “Fazz” is a neologism that combines the creative side of the jazz to the electrical whistling of a flash lightning. It also reminds to the ideas coming out during the brainstorming of our Creative Factory: the place where we conceive and invent cultural innovation to create public benefit. Our motto is: education and culture are the only antidote to war, corruption, crime and fanaticism. Our mission is to make this motto real and we do it through original projects that are subject to specific ethical standards. Thanks to the various initiatives promoted by Fazz Club, we pursue several goals: protect and raise the profile of the historic, artistic, environmental and traditional heritage; incentivize responsible and sustainable lifestyles and consumption habits. We aim to the protection of the consumer, nowadays exploited by the government’s and trade’s politics. The economic, social and environmental consequences affect not only the consumers but the whole world, so the next generations as well. To turn the tide and change the current standards, we want to contribute to creating a social fabric with a strong collective awareness. Thanks to the cultural spread of our projects we hope to build a crowd of aware consumers, who know that organizing into groups, they have the power to protest against the current ruin of the ethics and the values.

Our Team!